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The Fortress was used as a military camp of Roman auxiliary units - cohorts and could receive from 500 to 1000 soldiers, pedestrians and horsemen. The fortress was reconstructed on several occasions. The First earthen fortress was built probably at the end of I century A.D. (Cohors I Thracum Syriaca). The Second fortress was built from solid materials - stone in the middle of the second century A.D. (Cohors II Aurelia Dardanorum), and a fundamental remake of the fortress took place during the IV century A.D. (Auxilia Timacenes) when the fortress got it's final form in the time of Justinian's restoration.South gate

Specific for the reconstruction from the IV century A.D. was the use of spolia - marble monuments and sandstone blocks from the nearby necropolis and temples. The interior of the camp was organized by the usual standards for this type of structure, with the exception of a circular building that was probably used for metalurgy processes. The ramparts оf Timacum Minus