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The Archeo-Ethno Park in Ravna

In the last room the inventory of the medieval necropolis Slog is presented in three showcases. 65 graves were explored and are dated in IX-XI centuries. The deceased were buried in an extended position, there is no record of overlapping graves, which means that there were burial marks. Anthropological material shows that in this necropolis Slavic population was buried. The showcase is presenting the following inventory: earrings, necklaces, rings, ceramic vessels.

Findings from Donja KamenicaIn one of the showcases medieval coins from Knjaževac area are presented and they are a part of the collection given to the Museum by Ljubiša Rajković Koželjac. Here, the material from the Church of Holy Mother of God from Donja Kamenica is presented: silver gilded diadem, crosses, bone beads (from XIV-XV century) and graffiti ceramic plates, rings from XIII-XIV century.