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The Archeo-Ethno Park in Ravna

This collection is composed of several smaller collections, systematized according to the technique and time of origin. There is a collection of icons painted on wood or metal in the late 19th and early 20th century, largely by the hand of unknown icon painters. The collection contains several Russian icons imported to Serbia from Russia in large numbers in the nineteenth century, then a group of icons – painted by zografs – icon painters working in Southern Serbia and Macedonia in the mid-19th century, Milisav Marković icons on wood and metal, works of Milan Besarabić, Milivoj Nikolajević and Mladen Josić,work of Sima Žikić and several graphics. This collection is followed by a collection of liturgical objects, vessels and books, vestments and insignia and other objects of applied art.Milan Besarabić, "Tanja"