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The Archeo-Ethno Park in Ravna

A very special and important place in the Museum’s art fund stands for the collection of Knjaževac’s academic painter Dragoslav Živković, M.A. a significant Serbian and internationally recognized contemporary artist. This collection is not numerous, but it is essential for the Homeland museum of Knjaževac, since the majority of the works was created mainly for the purposes of new permanent exhibitions of the Museum. The rest of the collection represents mostly the artist’s early artworks and they are a gift from the author himself. The idea and intention was that the art of Dragoslav Živković should give a visual identity to the Homeland museum of Knjaževac, from exhibition spaces to publications and promotional material of the museum. Dominating position in the collection have a distinctive charcoal drawings made on canvas such as Prehistory, the Roman legionnaires - Timacum Minus, Chanting to the ring, Knjaževac and others exposed in the permanent exhibition of the museum. Like a few early works – acts, dry pastel drawings o Babin Zub, pastel drawing on canvas from 1998 and a few unavoidable, authentic and unusual oil paintings like Lady from Knjaževac and Carnival. The collection of the Homeland Museum in Knjaževac was added by works owned by the author himself or Momčilo Todorović, a collector from Belgrade. The collection of Dragoslav Živković is exposed in a separate section in the museum gallery in Karadjordjeva 15, as a significant part of the permanent exhibition of the Homeland museum of Knjaževac.