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A part of the Archeo-ethno park is also a village house built by the model of the house from Gornja Kamenica from the XIX century.House from Gornja Kamenica, late XIX century

The house belongs to the Moravian type, on the front side has a porch with "veranda" in the lower part has a basement with a separate small-wine department. On the upper floor are three rooms: "Iža" - kitchen with fireplace in the center, on the left is the girl's room, which was used to prepare the dowry or wedding night, onthe right is the guest room, "the big room". The Archeo-ethno park is a replica of the settlement from the XIX century. Fig. 2.4.1 House from Gornja Kamenica, late XIX century In the basement is an exhibition about winemaking in this region. Upstairs in the "iža" there is the fireplace with parts of houseware and kitchen furniture. In the guest room in the showcase are exhibited the following items: clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, and traditional pottery. The older type of these houses has a flat porch, while the developed type has arches on the wooden porch, which finally become a recognizable symbol of the Moravian house. The roof covering is usually of hollow tiles covering the wooden structure. On Stara Planina the roof was sometimes made of wattle or wooden boards. For the Timok houses Moravian-type characteristic is a funnel-shaped chimney with a lid, which is called "badža".Wine Museum in the house from Gornja Kamenica