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The Archeo-Ethno Park in Ravna

The exhibition further presents objects related to settlements and houses in Knjaževac area. The Knjaževac surrounding with its 86 settlements is not densely populated. The villages were located far from main roads in the past. After the liberation from the Turks the people started to move towards the roads and river valleys. In the mountain areas called ‘Budžak’ a scattered type prevails, whereas in so-called ‘Zaglavak’, in river valleys a compact type of settlement prevails. Human settlements underwent significant changes. Modern shepherds’ huts remind of old pit houses which were followed by pile houses, cob houses, wickerwork houses old and new Morava style, all built by hard working masons from villages Crvenje and Žlne who brought to their homeland new architectural elements. The interior arrangement of rooms and furniture is quite uniform, the main room is called “house” with a hearth in the centre. There you can see a place for preparing food with different pottery, stands and nails for hanging ceramic vessels, a low table, spoons, clay dishes, wooden bowls, etc. The “house” is designed in such a way that it communicates with all the other rooms. This collection also includes objects from ritual tradition: a church flag from 1893, a chest and a cup, handmade ceramics, earthenware baking dish, low table, wooden spoon, Slava cake, etc. Besides the model of a Morava style house from Gornja Kamenica village, there are also models of a barn from Beli Potok village, cob houses from Zubetinac and Berčinovac, a model of a sheepfold and a model of straw-covered watermill from XIX century. Houses and settlements

In the last part of the exhibition are the objects used for folk ceremonies and beliefs. Knjaževac area is rich in preserved traditions related to the cycle of life of an individual, through religious beliefs and ritual practices that accompanied the birth, marriage and death. Mountain peaks and river sources have always been regarded as natural sanctuaries and habitats of various deities and mythical creatures. Items that make up this collection are: the bride’s corolla, a leceder heart, a wedding flask - “buklija”, a baby carrier, a bowl with Easter eggs and ritual breads, accessories for incantation and Dobromir, dwarf the Hop tribe. Customs