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The Archeo-Ethno Park in Ravna


This, by the number, modest collection consists of several collections. Works of native artists make a separate collection. It represents the works of contemporary painters from Knjaževac, such as: academic painter - graphic artist Dragoljub Sandić, the author of the Museum’s logo as well as numerous posters and publications of the Museum; Milinko Koković – academic painter that lives and works in Belgrade and who gave his early art works as legacy to the Museum; Miroslav Bata Blagojević Cincar; Rade Ristić, whose pedagogical work and activities in the field of industrial design and marketing, has marked the period of 80’s of the 20th century in Knjaževac, Tomislav Paunković internationally recognized artist who lives and works in Germany; Slaviša Mirković, an art teacher and exceptional painter, young artists Vojislav Marković, academic graphist and Aleksa Marković, academic sculptor, Marija Andrejević, young and talented academic painter, Žarko Aleksić and Jelena Micić who deal with contemporary media, art teachers Goran Milosavljević and Marina Novaković, archpriest Sima Žikić, watercolorist Nenad Corelj and many others.

Tomislav Paunković, "Still life"

Dragoljub Sandić, "In Love", combined technique

Sima Žikić, "Sutjeska"

The works of Milisav Marković, a painter who was born and used to live and work in Knjaževac in the late 19th century, represent a separate part of the museum’s fine art collection. As a self-taught painter he used to work a lot in Eastern Serbia, especially in the Timok region and for the needs of the Timok eparchy. He painted a large number of icons for rich families, and he is also well-known because of numerous portraits of significant people of his time.

Milisav Marković, Portrait of Ljuba Božinović