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Balta Berilovac is located at the foot of Stara Planina mountain, at an altitude of 531 m. The village is 37 km far from Knjazevac. It is an old submountain village that had more than 500 inhabitants and a large number of children. This direction has always been a route that was leading across the border crossing St. Nikola on the Stara Planina to Vidin in Bulgaria. The village is compact type one and it is divided into several parts ("mahala"). According to archaeological findings, the settlement existed in the Roman period. Its name comes, according to one of the legends, from the old Slavic words "Balta" which means lake, and Berilovac derived from and old word meaning ‘to gather’ meaning the place where hunters were gathering for years and which was later abandoned.School in Balta Berilovac

The first school in the village was opened in 1860 in a private home. It was built as a church or a monastery and as such it existed until 1877. The first teacher was priest Mateja Todorović. The new building made of the friable material was built in 1880 and was officially opened in 1882. Classes were held in the old Slavic language, and later in the Serbian language. We know that one woman here graduated in the Turkish and Serbian language.Part of the school intended for old handcrafts workshops in Balta Berilovac