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The Archeo-Ethno Park in Ravna

This collection represents a special feature of the Homeland museum of Knjaževac. Thanks to Momčilo Todorović, a gallery owner and art collector from Knjaževac, owner of the Workshop of the Soul Gallery in Belgrade, works of significant Serbian painters are presented in Museum gallery, as a speciall curiosity/privilege, for almost fifteen years. There are some of the most significant Serbian XX century painters such as Milan Konjović, Peđa Milosavljević, Ljubica Cuca Sokić, Miodrag Dado Đurić, Uroš Tošković, Radomir Džoni Reljić, Aleksandar Cvetković, Ljubodrag Janković Jale and many others. There are art works in this collection, of the painters with different poetics, sensibility and affinity. The presented artworks are neither the best a man can see from these artists, nor they are systematically chosen, they simply represent one possible extract from this rich private collection. They represent artists whose work has influenced the creation of new artistic movements and discourses and was significant for the Serbian and Yugoslav artistic and cultural scene.

The extraordinary value of this cooperation, is the possibility to see artworks of some of the most important Serbian contemporary painters of the twentieth century, in a "small" museum, outside the major art centers. Works from the artistic fund of the museum along with works from this private collection are presented in the Gallery, when there are no occasional thematic, visiting artistic or other types of exhibitions and programs.

Milan Konjović, Untitled

Uroš Tošković, Untitled